Financial Coaching

The focus of our financial coaching is to help people move their finances from the frustration column to the winning column. If your net worth is falling or negative you should fix that. Financial struggles are rarely a math problem. They are typically caused by mindsets or gaps in knowledge.

Do you have a budget? If you have a budget do you know how to do accounting? Accounting includes balancing the checkbooks, but it is actually about matching up what your budget said was going to happen against what actually happens. If that is a struggle, we would enjoy offering our coaching services to you to learn what we learned about getting our finances back into the win column.

We are both certified financial coaches. We learned getting money to work doesn’t require being smarter than the next person. It means we need to have a plan that is proven to work today. Plans that are guessing and procratinating just create bigger loads to clean up tomorrow.

How will you influnce your finances today?