Life Vision Quest Seminar

LVQ, Life Vision Quest, is a seminar about finding wisdom. Wisdom gives us more influence over our days, with longer and richer lives. Wisdom is not hidden, it just isn’t recognized. The quest for wisdom isn’t something we start in an eastern monastery. The quest begins where each of us sit and walk from day to day. When we set out to create and share these resources we had not considered it was a course on wisdom. We asked a community leader to review the content and they said, wow, a course about how to gain wisdom. The initial thought took me by surprise but after a season of review the response it made sense. We think wisdom is some mythical force hidden from the masses and saving itself for the elite. Wisdom is out there for us all.

So, how do we find wisdom? Parents around the world want to be able to find it for their children, but we all know it is a choice each of us has to make for themselves. While nobody can give us wisdom, but they can guide us in how to seek it. Wisdom is not something you study and pass a test to get your degree in wisdom. Wisdom is about living life and understanding who you are as much as understanding the world around us. A close cousin to wisdom is success. Not all those who seek success find wisdom. Yet, a typical result of seeking wisdom is the presence of success.

Wisdom is made up of many mindsets. In LVQ we have seven sessions that will help you gain clarity and understand what gives us traction in life. Our seminar is a journey of discovery that helps each of us find opportunity to know ourselves better and to introduce mindsets that will guide us in our unique choices for the opportunities and challenges each of us will encounter in our lives ahead. 

LVQ Basic

Reality Mapping

In this session, we will discover personal meaning and passion in the path of life. Passion is not a escaping reality, it is getting traction within it.

For Better For Worse

Many people suffer from imposter syndrome. In this session we will learn how to connect our true self with life. What about me is a question that needs to be first answed by myself.

Improving the Journey

Getting to your milestones is where we spend most of life. The session teaches us to find riches in the journey on the way to our pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

LVQ Complete

( includes LVQ Basic )

The Real Reason

This session focuses on the one common reason we do all we do in life. Then we look at how a little clarity can tremendously change our future.

The Right Mix

Yes, better ingredients make better products. The best products also require wisdom to know which ingredients make the best mix.

Surviving Change

Life challenges us with unexpected good and evil. Wisdom doesn’t deliver us from the unexpected it guides us through it.

Persistent Success

Success that cannot be repeated or that doesn’t endure is still good, but wisdom teaches us how to keep patterns of success in our life for the long haul.

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