Heraclitus is credited with the saying that “Change is the only constant in life.” While it’s not the complete truth it is a truth that fills our life from the inside out. Life is full of stories about our dreams of finding good things and having them in a never-ending supply.

The fountain of youth is a great example of our desire to control change. It’s also an interesting one because it exposes a deeper belief that life as we know it is actually good. Not every moment, but life, in general, is worth living. Here we also see we are in touch with a greater reality. Life is about change. The fountain of youth is a dream of escaping life’s changing seasons.

Too Slow or Too Fast

Most of us remember being in a hurry to age when we were young. As we get older many of us have moments we wish we were younger. There is a sweet season in the middle we call the prime of life. It would be a logical assumption that the elderly would long for the prime of life again. Yet, those who are older tend to admire those who have not yet reached the prime of life.

What we are missing here, is there are great advantages in every stage of life. Yes, there are also challenges in every stage of life also. If we don’t learn to find meaning we won’t have memories that express meaning. If we don’t learn to enjoy what we have today we won’t remember our lives as pleasant. The only way we can make our future memories great is to understand how to live today. Living in the present a life that is meaningful and enjoyed is an investment in our future.

What does it take to make us believe the present is good? Well, it takes the past. Sometimes our past might have been a struggle, and we glean hope from the lives of others who struggled in the past also. You see, struggled means another part of their past was finding meaning and enjoyment. It is our past that makes us believe in today and hope for tomorrow!

This statement is a little reaching, so read it once or twice if it seems odd at first. Each day we are given an opportunity to invest in the memories of tomorrow. Today is tomorrow’s memories. This means being mindful of today is powerful. Yes, we still need to plan for tomorrow. Yes, we need to

What Change Doesn’t Change