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Finding Real Answers

In life, there are questions we enjoy and questions we come to avoid. Finding faithful answers is one of life’s biggest challenges. Some people seem to be really good at finding answers that work, and others struggle. Dispelling Myths Many Believe Myth: People...
Hope That Isn’t Hype

Hope That Isn’t Hype

Ok, the cover image for this article is #FAKE! Isn’t that the point, though? How easy is it for an advertiser, youtube creator, or any other promoter to push a miracle cure in a bottle without knowing it helps? The picture is fun, it captures our mind, and if...

The Good Noble

While this principle was first introduced to me through my faith studies, the principle is universal. Paul was teaching publicly in the town of Berea. The people of this area did something unique to Paul’s experience. It was not that they were already inclined...